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It may not have that musky smell of your favourite sport shower gel, but sulfur soap will clear more than just your senses..



Probably about a year ago now, I was going through a super stressful time in my life, which unluckily for me leads to spotty and oily skin. Since then people have been complimenting me on my skin and asking what I use, the answer is simple: Sulphur soap!


When I initially had my break out I did what any young guy does after all the over the counter stuff had failed: I went to the doctor. After a series of harsh peroxide creams and dodgy antibiotics I was left with even angrier (and somehow paler) skin.

It was at this time I came across sulphur soap, looking for some sort of calming treatment that would help with the condition of my skin, I wasn’t disappointed.


Sulphur soap (or sulfur soap) is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used since ancient times. It is one of the best kept secrets in modern skincare. Unlike prescription peroxides for problem skin sulphur soap is gentle on this skin whilst also extremely potent (two things that never go together with modern treatments). It is not only a mild emollient and great for an everyday clean, it is also antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and for you unlucky people it’s also a cure for scabies (skin mites).


The most popular potency is 10% which seems to be a great balance for the skin, it doesn’t dry you out but it does keen the oil at bay. First, the sulphur disinfects the skin, shrinks the sebaceous (oil) glands and helps calm down any irritation. It then pushes the skin to shed skin at a faster rate, exfoliating the skin and cleaning out those pores!

For some people it’s a buildup of dead skin that clogs the pores but sulphur gently promotes skin renewal and washes away the old skin. It also dries out existing blemishes and stops the spreading of bacteria (unless you’re an avid face-toucher!). The only downfall is the smell, we all know that perfumes soap irritates the skin and is awful for sensitive people. So my recommendation is to use it sparingly and only in the affected areas (as it can smell a bit medical!).


If you don’t have particularly problem skin sulphur soap is still an excellent cleanser, keeping skin refined, toned and glowing. Also, with the promoted cell turnover it is beneficial for anyone concerned with anti-ageing.