Every summer finding the right swimming shorts is a struggle. This seems to be one of the few items of clothing that shorter people are at a disadvantage with over taller men (long before the “longline” fit of course). Store bought swimming shorts to the taller man can rest quite comfortably half way up the thigh, whereas for those of us with shorter legs (if we don’t think outside the box) we end up with below the knee surfer shorts popular in the 1990’s and we may as well kiss goodbye to a dream of any kind of tan on our legs. As confident as brits have become…we have a long way to go until we reach the point of speedos. Saying that, looking good is more important to men now than ever and it’s important and accepted to take pride in your appearance.

Personally I am not a fan of long shorts on men nor of the speedo. With the Hamptons and LA being our leaders in fashion it’s pretty obvious that short shorts for men are the safest and most fashionable option. Half way up the thigh is the pretty standard message, or like me, dare to go a little shorter!


CHOICE NO. 1 (£££)


Oiler and Boilers the “Tuckernut shortie” is what im wearing in the above shot, they are my all-time favourite swim short. It doesn’t state specifically that they are made for shorter men, but they are rated across the board for it! Coming in on me about three quarters up the thigh (i'm 176cm/5ft9 tall) they are perfect for the extra short style. They don’t break the bank either at roughly £40 a pair and come in a variety of lengths to suit your comfort level including the “shortie” coming in about half way down the thigh. Now featuring on "ex on the beach" and starting to trickle in the UK stores its a pretty good time and choice to stay current.

CHOICE NO. 2 (£)


If cost is an issue (we understand that for many people $40 for a pair of swimming shorts you may only wear for one week in the year may seem a little steep) there is also the choice of alterations. I chatted to my local seamstress who knows me for my addiction to tailoring things to “muscle fit” me. She told me that in the last few years loads of guys have asked for their shorts to be shortened which is a good sign that we are keeping up with the fashions! So either take your own shorts in or find a cheaper pair you like because the standard price of shortening your swim shorts is now only $4-6!


CHOICE NO.3 (££)


You may have already thought about it but yes, there’s ASOS!

ASOS have become raved about for their variety of different fits and great returns service. The amount of different fits they have for t-shirts are better than any other store I’ve visited and it’s no different for shorts. Now available in “shorter length” the classic ASOS swimming short could be a good solution. Although not available quite as many colours and patterns as Oiler and Boiler, you certainly save some cash. With free delivery over £20 and a great well-known returns service its actually pretty risk free and definitely worth a go!


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